Ronda Rousey’s WWE Contract Expiring Soon

Hi guys welcome to wrestling unseen in this article we will discuss about latest updates on Ronda Rousey’s wwe contract. Her fans are expecting that she will return soon in wwe but there is no official news which confirms her return soon. There are only speculations about it.

13 Ronda Rousey's WWE Contract Expiring Soon

Recently a report reveled that Ronda Rousey’s wwe contract will expire in six months. We all know that earlier Ronda cleared herself that her contract with this company is till April 2019. Rousey is out of action from 7th April 2019 last time she fight a triple threat match against Becky Lynch & Charlotte flair.

There were many speculations that she is leaving wwe due to her pregnancy but no updates avilable yet on that news so it was just a rumor. People had noticed her when she posted a training video of wrestling ring. But training may be a part of her personal life’s fitness. If she returns regarding it then she could get a better push ahead of wrestlemania 37.

14 Ronda Rousey's WWE Contract Expiring Soon

Ronda also targeted becky lynch on social media that’s why reports rumored about her return but there is a little chance of having it because of becky’s pregnancy. Earlier wwe planned among these 3 superstars charlotte, becky & rousey but covid-19 pandemic ruined their plan.

Overall Ronda has a limited time to decide to return back in wwe or she wants to carry on her wrestling carrier in other companies like she had in past. What do you think ronda will return once again in wwe? or she had done enough with wwe?