Ronda Rousey Criticizes WWE fans for Bray Wyatt’s release- wrestling unseen

20210804 063720 Ronda Rousey Criticizes WWE fans for Bray Wyatt's release- wrestling unseen

Former MMA fighter & WWE Champion Ronda Rousey called out fans that they are responsible for Bray Wyatt’s departure she went to twitter & lashed out after hearing some chants for Bray Wyatt & CM punk last night on Raw. Ronda Rousey: “If WWE treated Bray Wyatt as expendable, it was the fans’ fault” The … Read more

Ronda Rousey’s WWE Contract Expiring Soon

12 Ronda Rousey's WWE Contract Expiring Soon

Hi guys welcome to wrestling unseen in this article we will discuss about latest updates on Ronda Rousey’s wwe contract. Her fans are expecting that she will return soon in wwe but there is no official news which confirms her return soon. There are only speculations about it. Recently a report reveled that Ronda Rousey’s … Read more