Big update on return & Creative Plans for Sasha Banks & Naomi

WWE does not expect the return of Sasha Banks and Naomi. There are no creative plans for the fighters in case the situation is resolved. Sasha Banks and Naomi would no longer be part of the official WWE roster.

A few hours ago it was reported that both Naomi and Sasha Banks were not on the internal list of the WWE main roster.

Recently, Fightful has been able to obtain more information regarding the status of the former female champions in pairs in the company.

Fightful claims that Sasha Banks and Naomi disappeared from other internal lists of the company weeks ago. However, WWE has not yet asked its digital media staff to remove the wrestlers from the talent roster on its official website.


Although, there were instructions to edit out a Sasha Banks-related sign from the crowd in the WWE photo gallery, as previously reported.

The Talent Relations Area has not yet sent an internal email notifying the workers about the departure of the fighters’ company, regarding this, the specialized media assured that they do not have an official confirmation or denial by WWE about the contractual status of former women’s tag team champions.

Those in charge of said area have not provided any pertinent information in this regard either. Fightful notes that the WWE creative team is operating under the assumption that Naomi and Sasha Banks will not return.


A member of said team assured that he has not heard of any creative plans prepared in case things improve with Sasha and Naomi. The web portal also managed to consult a WWE representative about the situation, the answer was that everything was quite calm and that they were not sure what was going to happen.