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WWE is Reportedly Behind from AEW in Ticket Sales for Upcoming Shows. The pace of ticket sales for the return of events with WWE audiences would not go well Except for the first three announced shows, including Money in the Bank, the rest of the confirmed events have sold little AEW would be imposing itself in markets and places where WWE has always had a great presence.

With the return of the public in the wrestling shows, both WWE and AEW have got to work to fill large venues for the return to the road of the companies. But, in the case of ticket sales, WWE would be getting poor numbers with respect to AEW, as reported by Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer radio show.

The journalist has affirmed that, for the moment, in the first shows with public they are reaping good data, but in the rest they are having bad sales numbers, compared to AEW. “The numbers are fatal. This is a message and people don’t buy tickets. They are behind AEW in the sale of tickets for each show. The first three shows with a WWE audience go with a good rate of entries. Money in the Bank in Fort Worth is almost sold out. In Dallas they are also on the right track, but AEW is on their heels.

But there is a bad part: there is a Raw in Chicago at the Allstate Arena that has sold around 6,000-6,300 tickets, which would be well below what was expected. But most of the rest of the shows confirmed with the public, the data is definitely bad. There are far fewer than 2,000 tickets sold in many of them, “confirmed Meltzer.

The journalist has assured that this is due to, among other points such as criticism for the dismissals and the bad product, that AEW is getting into markets where WWE had a great presence. “In Miami and Charlotte, AEW is ahead. Charlotte is a big surprise because, in that market, WWE has a lot of interest because it is a place of tradition of wrestling.

Instead, AEW is stronger in what I would call non-traditional wrestling markets. ” For Meltzer, the comparison of the entries between the two companies shows the situation of the product to see how to improve the product. “This is a barometer to see how they are, for better and for worse, both companies.”

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