Watch Video: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Reunite on WWE SmackDown after Mediation by Cody Rhodes.

WWE SmackDown March 17, 2023, fans were shocked as the episode featured a long-awaited reunion of former friends Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. You can watch all videos below.

At the opening of the WWE SmackDown broadcasts, Cody Rhodes stepped in to mediate between Owens and Zayn. The American Nightmare tried to get Kevin and Sami to team up against The Usos, but KO was unwilling to team up with someone who didn’t want to be his friend and would only use him for his own benefit.

Rhodes expressed his respect for Roman Reigns, calling him the most prestigious champion in the industry, but he wanted to focus on Kevin Owens, who he’d like to talk about that night.

Owens appeared and thanked Cody for helping him on WWE RAW. But before he could say anything else, Rhodes stopped him to call out Sami Zayn. Zayn came on stage with a worried face, and Rhodes asked them how they both felt in the same ring.

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Rhodes added that he had great respect for KO, but years ago, when he was in WWE, he supported his departure from the company and raised his career. So he wanted to return that favor.

KO stopped him and blurted out that he had already said everything. But Zayn assured him that there was still a chance to make things right, and he didn’t understand why everything was different now after so many years of friendship. Sami goaded him to hit him if it would make them friends again

Owens turned to Cody, who had heard enough and wanted to leave. But Rhodes encouraged them to stay and give people the pleasure of making amends once and for all. The audience yelled for it to be fixed, and Sami made him see reason. He said that they could both beat The Usos.

KO silenced him and blurted out that he didn’t want friends but a partner to win. So he wouldn’t fight someone who didn’t like him as a friend.

Minutes later, in the parking lot, Zayn revealed that he loved him like a brother, and it’s not true that he didn’t love him as a friend, but he understood if Owens wouldn’t talk to him again. KO did not answer anything, got into his car, and left the place.

Later on, the main event of the show, Jey Uso called out Sami and accused him of being a traitor to the family. But Owens came to his former friend’s rescue and took down the Usos. The emotional reunion of Owens and Zayn has left fans hoping for a brighter future for the two wrestlers.

Cody Rhodes watched the segment closely, and it seems like the end of The Bloodline’s reign may be near. Fans are excited to see what the future holds for Owens and Zayn and whether they will team up again against their rivals

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