Watch Video : Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley Full Segment WWE Raw February 13, 2023.

Watch Video : Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley Full Segment WWE Raw February 13, 2023. You can watch the full video below. The Beast Brock Lesnar interacts with the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, and even threatens to give away his cowboy hat to a fan. You may also like 

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Watch an epic moments of Brock Lesnar with a little fan in below video

Pearce points out that the Elimination Chamber contract is already signed by Brock.  The only thing missing is the signature of Bobby Lashley, whom Brock energetically calls out.  At that moment, Lashley’s music plays.

However, those who appear are several members of security, who are strategically placed along the entrance ramp.  Two operators then place a table and chair at the top of the ramp.  Only then does Bobby make his entrance.

 A suit Bobby appears, signaling that things will be done his way.  Lashley sits comfortably in the chair, putting her feet up on the table.  “Bobby, get your ass over here and sign the contract,” an impatient Lesnar reiterates.  Lashley points out that, as he indicated last week, he has shown the contract to the relevant people: his agent, his lawyers, and even his children.  The fighter points out that he is not sure to sign it.  Brock smiles before pointing out that he’s scared.  The public chants his words.

 Finally, Lesnar loses his patience and leaves the ring, heading towards the entrance ramp, where he confronts all the guards.  After disposing of them, Brock charges at his enemy, but he is thrown into the air with a back body drop before executing a spear.  Lesnar remains motionless on the ground.  Bobby goes to the ring and takes the contract. 

Later he returns to Lesnar’s position, where he signs it.  Bobby tosses the contract on his rival before leaving. Brock vs Bobby is now officially announced for WWE Elimination Chamber .