Watch Full Video Sami Zayn fires up the crowd & warns Roman Reigns, he brought back World Apart theme song back

Watch Full Video Sami Zayn fires up the crowd & warns Roman Reigns, he brought back World Apart theme song back. Sami Got biggest crowd pop ever , If Roman wins we Riot . You can watch full segment below.

Sami Zayn towards Roman Reigns: “In Elimination Chamber, you’re going to fall”. Sami Zayn’s speech was very brief but it ignited the public ahead of WWE Elimination Chamber. You can watch full segment below.

In the main event of the Friday Night SmackDown broadcasts, the former member of The Bloodline, Sami Zayn, expressed to the undisputed universal champion of WWE that tomorrow at the Elimination Chamber he will make him fall and assured that he will not be alone and will have all of Quebec behind him his side.

Zayn arrived at the arena with the classic entrance theme of his in WWE, which the people chanted almost in unison to receive the prodigal son. Faced with the constant applause of the people, Sami was visibly moved and could not utter a word. At one point people chanted “Fuck you, Roman” and there he got serious.

The former Uso spoke in French and then expressed that he didn’t long to get to WrestleMania like everyone else, but he just wanted to get to his city. He assured Reigns that he won’t be alone for WWE Elimination Chamber tomorrow night. Crazy and screaming, Sami assured the undisputed universal champion that in the WWE PLE, he will fall to Sami Zayn.

For months, Zayn has starred in WWE’s biggest, most in-depth storyline, endearing himself to fans in the process. Unable to carry out Roman Reigns’ orders, the Canadian attacked the WWE Unified Universal Champion in the final moments of the Royal Rumble, leading to a break with The Bloodline.

Since then, Zayn has appeared on the blue brand’s programming, demanding a title match against Reigns, which he accepted, and starring in a segment with Paul Heyman last week. Also, during the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Sami and Cody Rhodes had a conversation about the former’s chances of winning in Elimination Chamber.