Watch Full Segment Highlights: The Trial of Tribal Chief Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown July 7,2023

Watch the Trial of Tribal Chief Roman Reigns Full Segment Highlights by WWE: The Trial of Tribal Chief WWE SmackDown, July 7, 2023. You can watch the full segment Highlights below.

What happened during The Trial of Tribal Chief Roman Reigns

The Usos challenged Reigns’ authority as the Tribal Chief & held the trial of Tribal Chief and tried to hold him accountable for his actions, but they paid a heavy price for their defiance.

The Usos had earned the right to face Reigns in the trial of tribal chief in a tribal court after defeating him at Money in the Bank 2023 during The Bloodline Civil War marking the first time Roman was pinned in WWE since December 2019. They accused Reigns of being a selfish and abusive leader who did not care about the Bloodline members.

The Trial of Tribal Chief

They presented evidence of Reigns’ attacks on them, such as when he threw Jey off the Hell in a Cell structure or when he choked out Jimmy with a guillotine.

Reigns denied all the allegations and claimed he was forced to act that way due to The Usos’ disrespect and betrayal. He said he no longer wanted to be the Tribal Chief and handed over his necklace and title to Jey, kneeling before him. However, this was a trap as Reigns quickly low-blowed Jey and unleashed his fury on both Usos.

Reigns was not alone, as Solo Sikoa, his younger cousin, joined him in the assault and attacked Jimmy with a Samoan Spike. Sikoa also hesitated to give back the necklace to Reigns, showing some signs of doubt, but he followed Reigns’ orders and continued to beat down The Usos.

Reigns and Sikoa used various weapons to inflict more damage on The Usos. They also ignored the pleas of Adam Pearce, the WWE official who tried to stop the carnage. Sikoa ended the segment with a frog splash on Jimmy, who was lying on a table, while Reigns looked on with a smirk.

What’s next after The Trial of Tribal Chief

Reigns and Sikoa made a statement that no one can challenge their power and that they are the true leaders of the Bloodline. The Usos were left in a bloody mess, wondering if they had made a mistake by confronting Reigns. Reigns showed no remorse or regret for his actions as he reclaimed his necklace and title and walked away with Sikoa and Heyman.

During the main event of SmackDown after the trial of tribal court Jey Uso returns to confront Roman Reigns he attacked Reigns & Solo with a steel chair & demands a match against  Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal title. You can check out the video below.

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