Watch Full Match Highlights CM Punk vs Samoa Joe AEW Collision July 8, 2023 final of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

CM Punk defeats Samoa Joe in a thrilling match to advance to the finals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. You can watch CM Punk vs Samoa Joe Full Match official Highlights by AEW Below.

CM Punk and Samoa Joe have a long and storied rivalry that dates back to their days in Ring of Honor. They faced each other again in the semifinals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, a prestigious event that honors the late wrestling legend. The match was a hard-fought battle that showcased both wrestlers’ skills and determination. In the end, Punk pulled off a stunning upset and pinned Joe to advance to the finals.

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe Full Match Highlights

Punk came out to a huge ovation from the fans, wearing casual clothes and holding the tournament cup. He grabbed a microphone and addressed the crowd, saying that he and Joe have a history together. He recalled how Joe beat him twice in ROH and left him bloody. But he said that tonight would be different. He said he doesn’t believe in superstitions, but he touched the cup anyway. He vowed to give his all to the fans and to honor Owen Hart’s legacy.

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe match started with a tense stare-down between the two rivals. Joe pushed Punk into a corner, but Punk escaped and chopped Joe across the chest. Joe responded with a chop of his own, and they traded blows. Punk was locked in a headlock, but Joe powered out and threw him into another corner. Joe unleashed a flurry of strikes, but Punk fought back with kicks and knees. They spilled to the outside, where Joe continued his assault. He set up a chair and ran at Punk with a big boot, smashing his face.

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Punk showed his resilience by diving onto Joe from the apron, but Joe quickly regained control. He tossed Punk back into the ring and focused on his neck, applying various holds and strikes. Punk refused to quit, and he countered Joe’s knee strike with a kick and a knee of his own. He followed up with a clothesline and an elbow drop from the top rope, but he couldn’t get the three count.

Punk attempted his signature move, the Go To Sleep (GTS), but he couldn’t lift Joe’s weight. Joe capitalized by locking in his deadly submission, the Coquina Clutch. Punk escaped by falling backward onto the mat, breaking the hold. They got up and exchanged more attacks, with Punk hitting three consecutive knees and Joe hitting a power slam. Both men scored near-falls, but neither could finish the other.

Joe tried to end it with his Musclebuster, but Punk slipped out and hit a neck breaker. He climbed to the top rope again, but Joe caught him and tried to apply the Coquina Clutch once more. Punk surprised him with a quick roll-up and pinned him for the win.

What Happened After CM Punk vs Samoa Joe Match

The crowd erupted as Punk celebrated his victory, holding the cup high. Joe shook his hand in respect, but then turned on him and choked him out with the Coquina Clutch again.

He grabbed a steel chair and was about to hit Punk with it, but FTR came to Punk’s rescue. They chased Joe away from the ring, while Ricky Starks came out and stared at Punk from the ramp. Starks is Punk’s opponent in the finals of the tournament, which will take place on July 15 on AEW Collision.

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe
Photo Credit: AEW

Who will win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament? Will it be CM Punk or Ricky Starks? Tune in next week to find out!

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