WWE Announces Bloodline Civil War for Money in the Bank

The most anticipated match in WWE history is finally happening. The Bloodline Civil War will take place at Money in the Bank on July 1, 2023, from London, England. The match will pit Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa against Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso in a tag team showdown that will determine the fate of the most dominant faction in WWE.

The tension between the brothers escalated at Night of Champions, when Jimmy attacked Reigns, costing him and Solo Sikoa a tag team title match against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Jimmy delivered a superkick to Reigns. Jey was torn between his family and his allegiance to Reigns, who had given him many opportunities and groomed him to be the next Tribal Chief.

In the following weeks, Reigns and Paul Heyman tried to manipulate Jey into staying with them, while Jimmy tried to convince him to join his side. Jey was conflicted and confused but ultimately made his decision on the June 16 episode of SmackDown. Jey super-kicked Reigns, aligning himself with his brother. Jimmy and Jey then double-teamed to take down Reigns and Solo Sikoa, who had come to Reigns’ aid, leaving them lying in the ring.

The next day, on the SmackDown LowDown show on Peacock, WWE announced that the Bloodline Civil War was official for Money in the Bank. The match will be a tag team match.

The Bloodline Civil War is one of the most compelling stories in WWE history, as it involves family drama, betrayal, loyalty, pride, and power. The fans are eagerly waiting to see how this feud will unfold and who will emerge victorious. Will Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa prove their dominance and crush the rebellion of the Usos? Or will Jimmy and Jey Uso finally break free from Reigns’ shadow and forge their legacy? The answer will be revealed at Money in the Bank on July 1, 2023, from London, England.

What are your thoughts on this match and how excited are you for it? Who do you think should win the Bloodline Civil War? Feel free to write down your thoughts in the comments below.