Watch Full Promo CM Punk returns to AEW Collision June 17, 2023

CM Punk returned to AEW Collision with a fiery promo that left no one indifferent. The former WWE & AEW world champion addressed his fans, his critics, and his rivals in a passionate speech that showed why he is one of the best talkers in the business. You can watch his full entrance & promo below.

Punk started by thanking his loyal supporters who have followed him throughout his career, from selling out arenas in Japan and New York to his hometown of Chicago. He said he was still here because he loved wrestling and he loved the fans, but he also had some unfinished business.

He then proceeded to call out some of the people who have been hating on him since he left WWE in 2014. He said he was the truth, and the truth was painful for those who couldn’t handle it. He said he didn’t care what they called him, because he knew who he was and what he had accomplished.

He also apologized to some of the people who deserved it, but not in a sincere way. He mocked some of the current AEW stars who he said were weak and overrated. He showed off a red bag indicates his AEW World Championship belt, which he claimed he earned by being the best in the world, not by being handed it.

He ended his promo by challenging anyone who thought they could fill his boots to come and face him. He said he was ready to prove himself again, and to show everyone why he was the king of wrestling.

CM Punk’s promo was a masterclass of storytelling and mic skills. He managed to hype up his fans, anger his enemies, and create interest for his future matches. He showed why he is still one of the most relevant and influential wrestlers in the industry, and why Chicago is with CM Punk.