Watch Full Segment Seth Rollins Wants Cody Rhodes to Pick Him Over Roman Reigns.

Watch Full Segment Seth Rollins Wants Cody Rhodes to Pick Him Over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

Cody Rhodes made history on Saturday night by winning the men’s Royal Rumble match for the second consecutive year, The American Nightmare eliminated CM Punk to win the Rumble.

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Cody Rhodes, who also won the 2023 Royal Rumble, had a clear goal in mind: to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40. Rhodes faced Reigns last year at WrestleMania 39 but failed to end his reign of terror that has now lasted for more than 1200 days. Rhodes has been obsessed with getting another shot at Reigns, who has been dominating as Universal Champion. 

However, Rhodes’ plans were complicated by the arrival of Seth Rollins, the current World Heavyweight Champion, who interrupted Rhodes’ celebration on Monday Night Raw. Rollins made a compelling case for Rhodes to choose him instead of Reigns. Rollins argued that he is the real guy in WWE and that his title is the true title that represents the people. Rollins claimed that Reigns is irrelevant and unnecessary and that he and Rhodes have a mutual respect that would make for a better match at WrestleMania.

Rollins also reminded Rhodes that the World Heavyweight Championship was created because the fans were sick and tired of Reigns’ absence and cheating, and that they have built the title up through hard work and sacrifice. Rollins said that they have leveled the playing field with the World Heavyweight Championship and that they don’t need to pretend that Reigns is a god or on an untouchable pedestal.

Seth Rollins said, “Do you want the Hollywood title the Hulk Hogan title the one for posers and frauds the title for people who politic their way to the top or do you want the Dusty Rhodes title do you want the Workhorse Championship the blue-collar Championship because that’s what the World Heavyweight Championship means.”

Rhodes was visibly conflicted by Rollins’ words, as he had to weigh his options and decide who to face at WrestleMania 40 he tells Rollins that I would think about that. Will he stick to his original plan and go after Reigns, the man who has been his nemesis for the past year? Or will he listen to Rollins and go after the World Heavyweight Championship, the title that he and the fans have a stake in? What will be the best choice for Rhodes, and WWE?