Watch Full Promo CM Punk is out from WrestleMania 40

CM Punk is out from WrestleMania: Watch Full Promo. Watch Full Segemt CM Punk vs Drew Mcintyre WWE Raw January 29, 2024.

In a shocking and heartbreaking announcement, CM Punk revealed that he has torn his right tricep and will not be able to compete at WrestleMania this year. The former WWE Champion and UFC fighter delivered an emotional promo on Monday Night Raw, where he opened up about his injury, his dream of main eventing WrestleMania, and his perspective on life. You can watch full promo below.

Punk started by congratulating Cody Rhodes, who won the Royal Rumble match on Saturday night and earned a spot in the WrestleMania main event. Punk said that Rhodes deserved it and he hoped he would finish his story in Philadelphia. Punk then admitted that he felt unlucky, as he came close to winning the Rumble but suffered a serious injury in the process. He said that he tried to tape it up and make it to the Elimination Chamber, but it was not in the cards.

Punk then asked the fans not to feel sorry for him, as he compared his situation to his friend Chad Gilbert, who has been battling cancer for a long time. Punk said that Gilbert was always in a good mood and never gave up, and that was a real fight. Punk said that his injury was just a flesh wound, and that being the best in the world did not mean always winning, but overcoming adversity.

Punk then reflected on his career, from his UFC debut to his return to WWE after 10 years. He said that he did those things because they scared him, and that WrestleMania scared him too. He said that it was his goal and dream since he was a kid, but maybe it was not meant to happen. He said that he was not going to let that haunt him, and that he was going to keep entertaining the fans until the wheels fell off.

Punk then thanked the fans for their support, and said that he did not care about the negativity or the criticism. He said that he respected everyone who woke up and kept going, no matter what they did. He said that he was going to do the same, and put food on his family’s table. He then joked that he was a Chicago Cubs fan, and that there was always next year. He ended by saying that he was going to bust his ass to get back, and that he loved the fans.

The promo was met with a huge ovation from the crowd, who chanted “CM Punk” and “Thank you Punk”. Drew Mcintyre,  came out and applauded Punk, showing respect and sympathy. McIntyre admitted that he had said some horrible things about Punk in the past, but he could relate to his situation, as he had also lost his dreams and had a friend who was fighting cancer. McIntyre revealed that he had prayed for Punk’s injury, as he could not stand the idea of him becoming the world champion.

He said that he had eliminated Punk from the Royal Rumble, but Punk had eliminated him back, and that made him furious. He said that he was relieved when he heard the news the next day, and that he had accomplished his mission of getting rid of Punk. He then vowed to find a way to get into the world title match at WrestleMania, and live Punk’s dream instead.

He then challenged Punk to look him in the eyes, and said that he was sorry for his injury, but not for what he would do to him when he returned. He then issued a challenge to Punk for a match at WrestleMania 40, saying that he would wait for him. Punk accepted the challenge, and said that his heart was broken, but he would not give up on his goal of main eventing WrestleMania.

He said that he would come back stronger and that McIntyre was the first on his list. He said that he would see him in a year, and that he loved the fans.