Watch Full Segment CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes WWE Raw January 22, 2024

Watch the Full Segment CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes WWE Raw January 22, 2024. Cody Rhodes and CM Punk came face to face on tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. You can watch the Full Segment Below.

In a riveting segment on WWE Raw on January 22, 2024, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes engaged in a face-to-face confrontation that left the audience on the edge of their seats. Cody, with sincerity, began by addressing a historical moment in his wrestling journey, recounting the pivotal role CM Punk played in his early career.

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Reflecting on a phone call from Cody’s father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, in 2007, Punk shared a tale of responsibility. Dusty entrusted Punk with guiding Cody through his nascent wrestling career at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Despite initial doubts, Punk proudly acknowledged Cody’s growth from a preliminary wrestler to a championship-caliber superstar.

However, the atmosphere shifted as Punk shifted the focus to the impending Royal Rumble. He declared his intent to win, even if it meant facing Cody, stating that there are no friends in the Royal Rumble. The conversation delved into their diverse backgrounds and experiences within the wrestling world.

Punk emphasized his non-traditional journey, lacking the privilege of a famous wrestling lineage. In contrast, Cody’s roots run deep as the son of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. The discussion evolved into a philosophical exchange on personal versus business matters, exploring the complexities of their relationship both in and out of the ring.

As the tension rose, Cody challenged Punk’s departure from wrestling, accusing him of dropping the torch rather than passing it. Punk responded by asserting that he picked up the torch himself, embodying the essence of CM Punk in ways that went beyond words.

The dialogue took an unexpected turn when Punk claimed to be more “CM Punk” than Cody. He painted a vivid picture of the Road to WrestleMania, positioning himself as the looming threat to Cody’s two-year reign as the company’s backbone.

Punk invoked the spirit of Dusty Rhodes, emphasizing the importance of courage in the face of fear. The exchange reached its climax as both wrestlers acknowledged the inevitable collision in the Royal Rumble. The stakes were high, with the winner securing a Main Event spot at WrestleMania.

As the segment concluded, emotions ran high, setting the stage for an intense showdown at the Royal Rumble. The clash of paths, one of privilege and lineage against perseverance and rebellion, promised to be a defining moment in WWE history. Saturday’s Royal Rumble match will decide who will carry the torch forward, and the tension between Punk and Cody added an extra layer of excitement to the already electrifying event.