Watch Full Match Randy Orton vs Solo Sikoa WWE SmackDown Roman Reigns interfered

Watch Full Match Randy Orton vs Solo Sikoa WWE SmackDown Roman Reigns interfered. Randy Orton stands tall after a chaotic night on SmackDown The road to the Royal Rumble got more heated as SmackDown featured a contract signing, a main event showdown, and an appearance by the Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Full Match Randy Orton vs Solo Sikoa

The show opened with Nick Aldis, the general manager of SmackDown, hosting the contract signing for the Fatal 4-Way match at the Royal Rumble, where Roman Reigns will defend his undisputed Universal title against Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and LA Knight.

All three challengers were present and eager to sign the contract, but Reigns was nowhere to be seen. Instead, his advocate Paul Heyman appeared and announced that Reigns would not sign the contract because he only agreed to face one challenger, not three.

Aldis was not impressed by Heyman’s demands and said that he had the authority to make the matches on SmackDown. He warned Heyman that if Reigns did not sign the contract by the end of the night, he would strip him of the title and book a 3-way match for the vacant title at the Royal Rumble. The challengers were not happy with Heyman’s tactics and argued among themselves about who deserved the opportunity more.

What happened during Randy Orton vs Solo Sikoa match

The main event was a hard-hitting affair, as Orton and Sikoa traded blows and tried to gain the upper hand. Sikoa used his power and agility to dominate Orton, but Orton used his cunning and resilience to fight back. The match ended when Orton hit Sikoa with an RKO and pinned him for the win. Orton celebrated his victory, but his celebration was cut short by Styles and LA Knight. Randy Orton hit them with RKO.

Roman Reigns signed the contract

He then stood tall in the ring, sending a message to Reigns. The champion Roman Reigns finally showed up and delivered a Superman punch to Orton, knocking him down. He then signed the contract for the Fatal 4-Way match. He was about to spear Orton, but Orton countered it with  RKO, stunning Reigns and the crowd. Orton then picked up the contract and threw it in front of Reigns, who was laid out on the mat. Orton posed as SmackDown went off the air, leaving the fans wondering what would happen at the Royal Rumble.