Watch Full Segment Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes come face to face

Watch Full Segment Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes come face to face WWE SmackDown March 22, 2024. You can watch full segment below.

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes: The Face-Off That Shook SmackDown

 SmackDown on March 22nd, 2024 delivered a showdown that’ll go down in history. In the main event, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes finally went head-to-head, and the tension was off the charts!

Full Segment Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes face to face

The Tribal Chief Stands Alone

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife as Roman Reigns stomped to the ring. No Bloodline in sight – just the big dog himself, radiating that unbeatable confidence. He took center stage and proclaimed himself a man of his word…but there was an edge in his voice. Was there a hint of doubt starting to creep in?

Enter The Challenger

Cody Rhodes answered the challenge, and there was no mistaking the fire in his eyes. Like Roman, Cody walked the ramp alone, a statement that spoke volumes. These two weren’t playing games – this was raw, personal, and the crowd was hanging on every second.

Trading Shots

Reigns kicked things off with some serious trash talk, questioning Cody’s grit and dredging up those Seth Rollins shenanigans. He even threw subtle shade about The Shield, hinting at betrayal lurking around the corner for Cody, trying to shake his focus.

But Cody wouldn’t budge, firing back about his family legacy and how he’s got the whole business figured out. He took a real swipe by questioning Reigns’ trust in The Rock – that hit a nerve!

A Clash of Egos

Reigns sneered at Cody, calling him a “talking politician” but beneath it, you could see the respect. He admitted Cody’s earned his stripes, even as he declared himself THE best.

Cody didn’t back down, laying out his vision of taking Reigns’ crown. He even offered that handshake, a sign of sportsmanship… and Reigns left him hanging. No respect. The tension was off the charts as he walked away.

The Twist No One Saw Coming

Just when we thought the drama was over, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa popped up outta nowhere. It looked like Cody was about to get jumped – but here comes Jey Uso and Seth Rollins to back him up! Talk about alliances shifting – the place went wild!

SmackDown ended with a million questions hanging in the air. Who can trust who? And come WrestleMania, what the hell is gonna happen? One thing’s for sure – these guys are on a collision course, and when they finally clash, it’s gonna be explosive.