Watch Full Segment Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins WWE Raw March 4, 2024

Watch Full Segment Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins WWE Raw March 4, 2024. Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes respond to The Rock’s challenge. you can watch the full segment below.

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The Bloodline’s WrestleMania Challenge: Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes Respond

The WWE Universe is on fire after last week’s shocking WrestleMania challenge from The Rock and Roman Reigns. The legendary duo demanded Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes fight them in a tag team match on night one of WrestleMania!

Full Segment Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

Tonight on RAW, Rollins and Rhodes finally gave their reply, and it was electric!

The Moment of Truth

Seth Rollins took the mic first, addressing the crowd in San Antonio. He acknowledged the support Cody had offered against the Bloodline, even while Rollins faced his own injury struggles and a looming match with Drew McIntyre. He gave Cody the utmost respect for his focus yet hinted at an unspoken tension.

Then came the big moment. Rollins offered an out – the chance for Cody to focus solely on his title clash with Reigns. But, in a twist that had the crowd on its feet, he stated:

“Taking down the Bloodline is the biggest thing we can do… it’s not just your story that needs to be finished at WrestleMania Cody, it’s my story too.”

The Rock? More Like “Diarrhea Dwayne”

The Visionary wasn’t done. He unleashed a tirade against The Rock, expressing his and the crowd’s exhaustion with Rocky’s grandstanding. Then, he dropped the mic with a new name for the People’s Champ: “Diarrhea Dwayne”. The insult drew a massive laugh, Rollins blasting The Rock’s 21-minute Instagram whine-fest and the arrogance of claiming to have single-handedly made wrestling cool again.

He ended with a bang — Seth Rollins is back, medically cleared, and ready to join Cody Rhodes on SmackDown to confront the Bloodline face-to-face.

Cody’s Turn: Respect Fades, Challenge Remains

Cody Rhodes stepped up, emphasizing how The Rock has forgotten what it means to earn something. He isn’t the eternally entitled People’s Champion anymore. Cody then delivered his answer to the WrestleMania tag team challenge:

“This Friday I will give you face to face, eye to eye… my very clear and obvious answer for what’s happening at Wrestlemania.”

WrestleMania Just Got Personal

Get ready, this Friday on SmackDown is make or break. It’s Seth, Cody, Roman, and The Rock for the first time since their Las Vegas press announcement, and the air will be thick with tension. The Bloodline’s power grab seems unstoppable, but two of wrestling’s most driven stars are ready to bring the fight.

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