Watch Full Segment CM Punk & Seth Rollins come face to face WWE Raw December 11, 2023

Watch Full Segment CM Punk & Seth Rollins come face to face WWE Raw December 11, 2023. CM Punk Returns to Raw and Faces Seth Rollins in a Heated Segment WWE fans witnessed a historic moment on Monday Night Raw as CM Punk, returned to the brand second time after a decade of absence.

Full Segment CM Punk & Seth Rollins

The segment began with the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Adam Pierce, coming out to the ring and announcing that he had signed a new superstar to an exclusive contract with Raw. He then introduced CM Punk, who received a thunderous ovation from the crowd as he walked down the ramp. Punk grabbed a microphone and addressed the fans, thanking them for their support and loyalty. He then explained the reason behind his return, saying that he had received offers from Smackdown, NXT, and Raw, but he chose Raw because it was his home and where he belonged.

He also talked about his history with the city of Cleveland, where Raw was taking place and the building where he made his WWE debut in 2006. He recalled the highs and lows of his career, the challenges he faced, and the decisions he made. He admitted that he left WWE in 2014 because he was unhappy and frustrated, and he apologized to the fans who felt let down by him. He said that he had learned a lot from his experiences, both inside and outside the ring, and that he was ready to start a new chapter in his life and career. He said that he wanted to bury the past and make things right and that he was not afraid of anyone or anything.

He then announced that he was entering the Royal Rumble match, which would give him a chance to compete for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. The crowd cheered loudly for Punk. However, his celebration was interrupted by the music of Seth Rollins, who came out to the stage with a microphone in his hand. Rollins, who is one of the top stars on Raw and a current WWE Champion, looked angry and annoyed by Punk’s return. He said that he was sick and tired of hearing about Punk and that he did not deserve to be on Raw.

He said Punk was a quitter, a traitor, and a coward, who abandoned WWE and the fans when things got tough. He said that Punk had no right to call Raw his home and that he was the one who carried the brand for the last decade. He said that he was the true best in the world and that he would not let Punk take his spot or his glory. He said that he would protect WWE from people like Punk, who only cared about themselves and their egos.

Punk responded by saying that he was not surprised by Rollins’ attitude and that he knew that Rollins was jealous and insecure. He said that Rollins was a hypocrite, a liar, and a sellout, who betrayed his friends and his principles. He said that Rollins was not the best in the world, but the worst in the world. He then accepted Rollins’ challenge, saying he was unafraid of him or anyone else. He said that he would face Rollins anytime, anywhere and that he would show him who the real best in the world was. He said that he would make Rollins tap out, just like he did to John Cena in 2011 when he won the WWE Championship and left the company.

The segment ended with Punk and Rollins staring each other down, as the crowd chanted “CM Punk” and “Burn it down”. The tension was palpable, and the anticipation was high, as the fans wondered what would happen next between the two rivals. The segment was a huge success, as it generated a lot of buzz and excitement among WWE fans and the wrestling community. It was a perfect way to reintroduce CM Punk to the WWE audience and to establish a new feud with Seth Rollins, who is one of the best performers in the company. The segment also set up a possible match between Punk and Rollins, which could occur at the Royal Rumble, or WrestleMania, depending on the outcome of the Royal Rumble match.

The match would be a dream match for many fans, as it would pit two of the best wrestlers in the world against each other, in a clash of styles, personalities, and ideologies. The segment was a testament to the talent and charisma of both Punk and Rollins, who delivered a captivating and compelling promo, that captured the attention and emotion of the fans. With CM Punk back on Raw, and Seth Rollins as his nemesis, the brand has a chance to regain its glory and its edge and to provide the fans with some quality entertainment and storytelling. The segment was a sign of hope and excitement for the future of Raw, and the future of WWE.