Watch Full Promo Cody Rhodes accepts Brock Lesnar’s challenge for Night of Champions

Watch Full Promo Cody Rhodes accepts Brock Lesnar’s challenge for Night of Champions. Scroll down to watch full segment.

Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes clashed at Backlash, where Rhodes shocked the world by defeating Lesnar in a bloody and hard-fought match. Rhodes used his wrestling skills and resilience to counter Lesnar’s power and aggression, and pinned Lesnar with a roll-up to secure victory.

Lesnar was not happy with the outcome, and he made it clear on the following Raw. He attacked Rhodes during his match for the world heavyweight championship contendership, costing him the opportunity to become a heavyweight champion. He then put Rhodes through a table and challenged him to a fight at Night of Champions, which will take place on May 27 in Saudi Arabia.


Rhodes did not back down from Lesnar’s challenge. He responded on this week’s Raw, where he cut a passionate promo in front of the Greensboro crowd. He compared Lesnar to a scorpion who stings a frog even if it means they both drown, saying that it is Lesnar’s nature to hunt. He then asked Lesnar how his face was, reminding him of the injuries he inflicted on him at Backlash. He said that he busted Lesnar’s face and maybe broke his spirit, and that he beat the biggest bully in WWE history.

Rhodes also praised Lesnar for being better than 99.9% of the superstars who come into the ring, but said that at Backlash, Lesnar was not better than him. He called Lesnar’s claim of a cheap win a lame excuse, and said that even if he had beaten him in 20 seconds, Lesnar would still have hunted him. He said that this is not about a championship, but about who is the big thing on Monday Night Raw.

Rhodes then told Lesnar that he has conquered WWE, sports entertainment, and this sport, but that he needs to step aside because he is not the big thing anymore. He said that he is simply in his way, and that he is ready to face him again at Night of Champions.


The stage is set for a rematch between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar. Will Rhodes prove that he can beat Lesnar twice, or will Lesnar get his revenge and destroy Rhodes? Find out at Night of Champions on May 27!