Video: Watch Roman Reigns all championship defense of the legendary 2 years title reign

Watch Roman Reigns all championship defense of the legendary 2 years title reign. A few days ago Roman Reigns breaks the all-time Top 4 longest combined WWE Championship reigns at 1,260+ days.

In August 2020 at WWE Payback Roman Reigns becomes new Universal Champion. He pinned Strowman to take title away from The Fiend in a triple threat match & started his legendary title Reign. Reigns successfully defend his title 18th times in 2021 & 6th time in 2022 you can watch full video of all his title defend below .

Roman Reigns all titles defense

Roman Reigns best moments 2022

During Roman Reigns’ massive title run he defeated veteran superstars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar , Edge ,Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins etc. Roman Riegns is the only superstar who is a top WWE title holder for more than 2 years since 34 years in WWE history.You can see all victims of the tribal Chief below.

1.Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions 2022 .The Head of the table’ first title defend comes against his cousin Jey.

2.Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns at WWE SmackDown October 16, 2022 . The monster among man passed out on Reigns’ guillotine lock .

3.Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso at  WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 . Roman defeats his cousin with guillotine lock when Jimmy came to stop Reigns, he also attacked on his second brother. After this match first Jey & then Jimmy alined themselves with Roman Reigns & they all become a new faction called The Bloodline.

4.Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns at WWE TLC 2020. Reigns defend his title in a  ladder match where Roman applied guillotine lock at the top of ladder to retain his tilte.

5.Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns Rematch at SmackDown. It was a  steel cage match Kevin applied stunner to the Reigns but some how Jey Uso handcuffs Owens to the cage & Roman Reigns retained.

6.Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens Rematch at WWE  Royal Rumble 2021 . This was a last man standing match, Owens handcuffs Roman outside the ring through a Pole .Paul Heyman unhooked Roman in the mean time ref. Stopped counting after it Reigns applies guillotine to KO & retained.

7.Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 .Roman wins this match again with a Guillotine lock.

8.Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns Rematch WWE fastlane 2021 . During the match Edge attacked both superstars with steel chair Reigns managed to recover & covered Daniel Bryan.

9.Edge wins Royal Rumble 2021 & Challanged Roman Reigns for WM .But Edge’s interference in last match lead to a Triple threat match at WWE WrestleMania 37 . Reigns drags Edge on Bryan & covered both together & retained his Universal Championship.

10.Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan I Quit match at WWE SmackDown 30th April 2021 . Reigns defeats Bryan with a guillotine lock & Daniel Bryan leaves company as his contract expired.

11.Cesaro vs Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021. Reigns defeats Cesaro with Guillotine submission.

12.Steel Cage Match Rey Mysterio vs Reigns at WWE SmackDown June 18, 2022. Roman threw Rey through the cell & applied guillotine. Rey Mysterio tapped out.

13.Edge returns after getting defeat at WM 37 & challenge Roman for a Rematch. Roman Reigns vs Edge at WWE M money in the Bank 2021 .Seth Rollims interfered in that match & by taking advantage of distraction Roman Reigns speared Edge to retain his championship. After the match John Cena made her most awaited return.

14.Roman Reigns vs John Cena at WWE Summerslam 2021. Cena claimed he will end Roman Reigns’ title run & become 17th time WWE champion. Roman Reigns said he will send Cena back to Hollywood. As promised he Spears John Cena & wins that match . It was a fair match there were no outside interferences.

15.Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns at WWE SmackDown 3 September 2021 . Reigns defeats Balor with Guillotine submission to retain his title.

16.Damon Balor vs Roman Reigns WWE Extreme rules 2021 .The match finished with a controversial ending as Balor goes to top rope for his signature move Rope breaks, Reigns spears Finn Balor & retains.

17.Brock Lesnar made his first appearance in 18 months at SummerSlam 2021 & Challanged Roman Reigns for Universal title. The match happens at WWE Crown Jewel 2021. At the final moments of the match  Paul Heyman threw the title middle of the ring & said you know what to do with it Brock took the title, The Usos attacked Brock Lesnar then Reigns hits lesnar with the title and covered.

18.Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns at WWE SmackDown 3rd Dec 2021 . Roman Reigns finished this match within 3 second with a spear and guillotine.

19.Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns Royal Rumble 2022. Seth wins by DQ because Reigns didn’t break guillotine after Rolling touched the rope & ref. counted 5. As a result of DQ finish Roman retained.

20.Goldberg vs Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022. This match was supposed to happen at WM 35 but Reigns pulled himself from the match due to health issues. In Saudi Arabia PPV Roman Reigns applied his submission move  guillotine & Goldberg passed out.

21.Brock Lesnar wins Royal Rumble & then he wins WWE title at Elimination Chamber . Lesnar Challangs Roman for titles unification match at WM 38.Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar to become double champion. 

22.Riddle vs Roman Reigns at WWE SmackDown  June 17, 2022 . It was Roman’s first double titles defend after winning those at WrestleMania 38 . Reigns beats Riddle.

23.Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam 2022 last man standing match . It was advertised as the last match between duo. Reigns defeats Lesnar with the help of Paul Heyman & The Usos .

24. Roman Reigns vs Drew Mcintyre at WWE Clash at the Castle in Cardiff U.K. Reigns defeats Mcintyre to retain his championship.


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