Video: Watch Becky Lynch returns to WWE SmackDown November 25, 2022

Becky Lynch returns to WWE and joins Team Belair on SmackDown. Becky Lynch returned to WWE on the Friday Night SmackDown and teamed up with Team Belair to take on Team Bayley in the blue brand show opener. You can watch video clip below

Here is what happened on SmackDown’s opening segment

Team Bayley came on stage and lit SmackDown with a mockery for their WWE Survivor Series: War Games rivals that they have one less member and have not yet achieved it, to which Bianca Belair and her colleagues, four up to that moment, acted of presence in the arena to answer Bayley’s call.

┬áBelair assured that the villains were five, against only four of them, but assured that he had a partner to balance things, to which The Man’s music played and he ran with his new companions to make their adversaries flee, leaving a triumphant Lynch with Team Belair.

Lynch has been out of WWE programming due to an injury he suffered to one of his shoulders at the Premium Live Event SummerSlam, after a fight against Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship from which he had to take several months off to be fully remedied.