Triple H is back with more power in WWE than he had been having

Triple H is back with more power in WWE than he had been having .The Game regains power within WWE .

Triple H announced yesterday his return to the WWE Performance Center and would have arrived with more power than before .The Hunter started working full-time again in WWE.

This Wednesday, Triple H made his return to the WWE Performance Center after several months of absence having temporarily withdrawn due to his heart problems.

Now, according to various media, Triple H would have returned with more power than he had been having, and this could even mean a change within the WWE product.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, recently talked about this situation on his radio show. These were his words:

“He was just there. He said he was back, although he didn’t specify exactly what that meant. I’ve asked some people there and they said he said there was some stuff going on, and he couldn’t talk about it right now, but he’s back. That’s basically it.

Whatever it means, it will be coming out in the next few days, but no one knows exactly what he meant by it. Is he back leading NXT? Perhaps. Is he back with more power? Yes. It seems that he has more power now. We’ll see what all that means.”


The truth is that in recent years, Triple H has progressively lost power, and WWE fired several of his close men and even decided to end his main project in 2021, the NXT black and gold brand.

This spring, Triple H rejoined WWE, gradually taking on more responsibilities as he got back on track after heart surgery.


After the recent scandal of Vince McMahon and his temporary resignation from the positions of CEO and Chairman, the landscape within WWE has completely changed, and with Stephanie McMahon at the helm of the company, it is likely that Triple H will once again be one of the key pieces of the company.

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