The Undertaker shrugs off the idea that current AEW Superstars dressed like him

The Undertaker rejected that Jeff Hardy dressed like him during their rivalry. Matt Hardy’s statements about the rivalry between The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy in 2002

Jeff Hardy had a brilliant tag team career in WWE. As of the new millennium he began to stand out in individual combat and even had a great rivalry with The Undertaker when he wore the character of ‘American Badass’. This rivalry led to a well-remembered ladder match.

Before that fight took place, Jeff Hardy had the idea of ​​​​dressing up as Undertaker’s old character in order to create more impact and infuriate his rival. This has been confirmed by Matt Hardy this week on his Twitch account. However, The Undertaker rejected the idea on the spot.

“I remember Taker turning it down quickly. I remember Jeff proposing it. Jeff was like, ‘What if I come out with the old Undertaker hat, come out with that entrance and do the pose while Taker is in the ring?’ Like I was teasing him to tease him and try to set up the match later. He was like, ‘No, I don’t want to go there,'” Matt Hardy commented on his podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.

The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy played a great ladder match on the Monday Night Raw episode held more than 20 years ago, specifically on July 1, 2002.

In that fight, the WWE Undisputed Championship was at stake and The Dead-Man achieved the victory. After the match, Jeff Hardy exclaimed that he was still on his feet and that The Undertaker wasn’t done with him. The Deadman returned, but decided to pay his respects to Jeff.