Speculation about Drew McIntyre’s Next Challenger For WWE Championship

Currently, Drew McIntyre is one of the top-rated superstar in WWE. He defeated 14th-time W champion  Randy Orton several. He Shocked every pro wrestling fan by defeating Randy Orton before a week from the WWE PPV survivor series where Randy Orton already booked for a champion vs champion match against Roman Reigns.  That night is in the history books of the company as now the champion needs more challengers in line so that he can prove himself to be a strong and challenging champion.

However there are many options available on Raw for the no. one contender’s position, but it seems that the company doesn’t plan to bring any new name into the list. Recently we noticed that  WWE is protecting former champion, Bobby Lashley. Since his WWE return, he is not getting enough push. There were many spoilers before his return that he could return to challenge WWE universal champion Brock Lesner, but all were only speculations. WWE hasn’t planned it. Bobby Lashley is looking stronger than ever who could be the next-in-line for another title opportunity against current champion Drew McIntyre.

Although it is unclear at this point whether this push of Lashley will be kept intact just to elevate his own WWE united state title but there are some strong spoilers that something is cooking behind it. Some sources are claiming that WWE could be preparing Bobby Lashley against drew Mcintyre for the WWE championship. Bobby did pick up the win but the Hurt Business members came into play. It’s a fact that WWE needs more challengers for the King Of Claymore kick and the CEO of the Hurt Business could be a perfect choice for this spot.

In past, these two superstars had a brief feud on WWE Monday Night Raw following Wrestlemania36 where Drew McIntyre successfully defended his WWE Title against Bobby Lashley at the WWE PPV Backlash 2020 pay-per-view event.

At Survivor Series 2020, the Scottish Psychopath fought against Tribal chief Roman Reigns.

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As we all see that since the big dog’s return he is unbeatable, and now he is in the role of top heel in the smackdown. Drew  Mcintyre was only to come up short from his win after a low blow, and outside interference from his cousin Jey Uso. But it wouldn’t affect the power of the current champion. Let’s see what will happen it could be true or just become a rumor.