Samoa Joe could return to NXT to fight after seen at the WWE Performance Center

Samoa Joe could return to NXT to fight The rumor of Samoa Joe’s return to NXT gathers steam on the NXT roster, with several talents convinced that it will happen Unlike in his last role, Samoa Joe would return to fight.

After being part of the wave of layoffs last April, the future of Samoa Joe could go through WWE again. More specifically, by NXT, where the fighter became champion of the brand at the time, and would not make his return as a commentator, but as a fighter.

Samoa Joe, seen at the WWE Performance Center The rumors of a possible return to WWE to land on NXT pick up a lot of force after the presence of the fighter Several wrestlers would have confirmed that WWE would have made an offer for their return

According to Fightful in a totally surprising information, several NXT talents say that the rumor is running through the Performance Center of the return of Joe. Above all, that the yellow mark (without any specific person who is known) would be in the process of achieving the return of the former IMPACT! and Ring Of Honor.

In addition, as the information indicates, which have received more than a dozen talents from NXT, the intention is for Samoa Joe to return as a fighter, despite the multiple injuries that forced Joe to move to the role of Monday Night commentator Raw.

Some bruises that could even motivate his dismissal from WWE. “It is not just that they believe it is a possibility. There are talents that are convinced that Samoa Joe is going to return to NXT ”, assures the source of Fightful. Along with this, the website itself contacted WWE officials about this, but they did not confirm anything. “There is, as yet, no indication that there is an agreement or that there will be,” says Fightful.

The firing of Samoa Joe was one of the most shocking of the wave of layoffs that WWE committed after WrestleMania, especially because of the status that Joe maintained in the company, despite stopping fighting and dedicating himself to the commentary table. The former NXT world champion came to Vince McMahon’s company in 2015, quickly claiming the yellow brand championship.

His debut on the main roster would arrive in 2017, on a January 17 episode of Monday Night Raw. In the red mark he would be proclaimed champion of the United States on two occasions, without obtaining the maximum title, despite several opportunities. Now, Samoa Joe could get another opportunity in WWE, in this case in NXT.