Roman Reigns accepts Logan Paul’s Challange to come face to face in tomorrow’ press conference.

Roman Reigns accepts Logan Paul’s Challange to come face to face in tomorrow’ press conference.

WWE announces on their official social media accounts that The Tribal Chief accepts Logan Paul’s challange to come face to face Roman Reigns in a press conference in Las Vegas which is scheduled on Saturday at 3.30 ET/12.30 PT.

On this week’s Friday night SmackDown  Logan Paul called out  the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, to a match & said if he is a man enough then meet him face to face in a press conference which he will host tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

Roman Reigns appeared on Logan Paul’ Impaulsive podcast few days ago after Reigns left the interview Paul said he could beat tribal chief in a one on one match. Reigns notices it & ordered Paul Heyman to handle Logan.

Logan Paul opened the SmackDown show and expressed that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, that he could beat Reigns.  But he started naming Floyd Mayweather and he still didn’t pay him for not being able to finish him off.  He invited Roman Reigns to a conference this Saturday to meet face to face with the champion.

Paul Heyman made his return to WWE, along with The Usos, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn.  Heyman shook Logan’s hand and introduced him, to a barrage of boos.  Heyman assured that he could have been a Paul Heyman’s Guy, he highlighted his achievements in the sport.  Logan told him to get to the point.  Roman’s advisor told him to choose well who he wants to face.  May he be wise.

Logan snapped at him not to be afraid of him, maybe that’s why they didn’t accept him fighting Reigns.  He was very confident that he could defeat the champion and take the titles away from him.  But Heyman told him that they are only potential words.  Crazy dreams that his brother Jake Paul put into him.

Only Sikoa and Sami Zayn interrupted the dialogue and Zayn advised Heyman to go out and talk to Logan.  But as soon as Sami wanted to talk to Logan, the latter punched him and left him lying on the ground before escaping down the ramp.

According to Wrestling Observer tomorrow WWE will announce Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns for Undisputed Universal Championship at Crown Jewel 2022.