Miro talks the possibility of Lana joining AEW- wrestling unseen

Miro discusses the possibility of Lana joining All Elite Wrestling AEW TNT Champion Says He Wouldn’t Be Surprised If His Wife Was Still In The World Of Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling TNT Champion Miro recently interviewed by Action Sports Jax about his current situation in wrestling. when the topic of a possible arrival of his wife, Lana, to AEW, after being fired by WWE a few months ago, has come up Miro said I already cleared it  that this is Lana’s decision, although it would not surprise him that she will continue in the wrestling world. Now,  she is doing what she likes the most. Here is what Miro said

“Currently, she is doing her thing. This is not about me and this is about what you want to do. She has been in business for so long and she just came out of nowhere. I would not be surprised if she stayed in the wrestling industry because there are many opportunities to come because it is one of the best, “Outside of wrestling, I could always do other kinds of things because I used to do them. My mind would go wild if she decides to focus on a different career because I’m sure that everything I would do would be successful for her. “

Miro has stressed that he would be very proud if Lana decides to have other experiences. Follow wrestling unseen for more updates.