John Cena responds to rumors about his appearance at WWE SummerSlam

John Cena responds to rumors about his appearance at WWE SummerSlam The sixteen-time champion found himself in a trap when journalist Tara Hitchcock asked him about SummerSlam.

As previously reported, John Cena is expected to make his return to WWE on the Friday Night SmackDown episode airing July 16 on FOX. That appearance will supposedly pave the way for a match in the SummerSlam main event. Last night, on the occasion of the promotion of the new film F9, the sixteen-time world champion was interviewed by journalist Tara Hitchcock, who allegedly caught him by surprise when he asked him what he was going to do in the summer.

When asked what he will do on August 21, Cena replied, “hopefully enjoying the summer.” When asked if he would go to Las Vegas, he asked, “What’s in Las Vegas?” “Did I hear there’s something called SummerSlam?” Hitchcock asked mischievously. Cena smiled and commented, “That was a good way to do it.” However, he did not answer the question directly.

The moment has been disclosed on Twitter by the WWE on Fox channel, which suggests that it is a fact that John Cena finally makes his appearance on SmackDown and later at the summer event, SummerSlam. WWE is considering introducing a large number of viewers to SummerSlam. Taking into account that the scenography of their show allows to increase this capacity, they are talking about hosting around 60,000 people.

Las Vegas is not a good market for WWE, but a figure like John Cena returning to the ring would go a long way toward selling tickets. From what is said, WWE is studying the possibility of selling such a high amount in an unprofitable fiefdom without the appearance of a great star and trusting in the economic reactivation, but it is very likely that they will finally use a media figure to attract fans.

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