SmackDown 11th June 2021 achieves the best average viewership of the last month

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Audience June 11, 2021 SmackDown achieves the best average viewership of the last month None of the two hours of Friday Night SmackDown fell below 1.8 million viewers.

The audience for the last episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, aired on June 11 on FOX, registered an audience of 1,853,000 viewers, according to the Spoiler TV portal. This represents a slight increase compared to the data of the previous week, when 1,792,000 viewers were registered.

On this occasion, SmackDown featured several matches and segments of interest, the most prominent being the confrontation between Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns, along with the intervention of Dominik.

The first hour of SmackDown registered 1,899,000 viewers, while the second 1,806,000 viewers. The show registered a 0.4 share in the demographic of interest, corresponding to the age group between 18 and 49 years old. This means a slight decrease compared to the 0.5 achieved the previous week.

Next, we leave you the most recent data of audience of SmackDown:

May 14, 2021: 1,800,000 viewers

May 21, 2021: 1,830,000 viewers

May 28, 2021: 1,755,000 viewers

June 4, 2021: 1,792,000 viewers

June 11, 2021: 1,853,000 viewers

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