Jim Ross believes Carlito did not triumph in WWE because he was lazy

Jim Ross believes Carlito did not triumph in WWE because he was lazy Jim Ross’s statements about Carlito’s time in WWE He considers that when he proposed it, Carlito was an extraordinary talent.

Carlito was one of the visible faces of WWE between 2003 and 2010. During that career, he won the tag team titles on two occasions, the United States Championship and the Intercontinental.

In addition, he established himself as one of the most charismatic characters of that time, but he did not fight in the orbit of the most important titles.

Failure to fight the greats could be attributed to creative decisions, although Jim Ross, a current commentator on AEW and a longtime important person in the WWE locker room, recently stated that the wrestler had a lazy attitude.

Without detracting from his qualities, Ross noted on his Grilling JR podcast that Carlito did not rise to the top due to lack of motivation.

“He’s a good worker. His only enemy has always been his own motivation. He can be as good as he wants, which is why some perceive that he might be a bit unmotivated, that is, a bit lazy,” said Jim Ross. “If you kept your eyes on the award and wanted to go get it and work, it was absolutely extraordinary.”

Carlito was announced to appear on the Raw of Legends held last week. However, he did not finally make an appearance. Subsequently, it was reported that the Puerto Rican wrestler had not reached an agreement with WWE, despite the fact that the company used his image in order to promote the program.

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