Drew Mcintyre vs Aj Styles vs The Miz WWE TLC 2020

Drew McIntyre vs. Aj Styles

AJ looks to hurt Drew’s leg in the opening minutes, but the champion responds with power to take control. AJ goes up to the corner, Drew pulls him off a chop out. McIntyre throws AJ through ringside, against the barricade and against tables with chairs, always on the lookout for the giant Omos.

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Drew begins to climb the ladder, but AJ hits him with a chair on the leg. Drew throws AJ face-on against a chair Styles himself had placed in the corner. AJ throws a ladder over Drew, looking to continue the attack but McIntyre responds with Future Shock DDT. Drew throws the ladder at AJ, Styles hits his leg again. Calf Crusher with Drew’s leg caught on the ladder.

Styles then looks for the Calf Crusher with a chair on his leg, Drew frees himself by crashing the back of AJ’s neck against the ladder. AJ tries to jump to ringside, but Drew throws a chair at his head. Back in the ring, Drew applies a Belly to Belly Suplex on a ladder in the corner, thus slowing AJ’s attack. AJ’s Phenomenal Forearm, they both lie down. Omos passes him a ladder and AJ starts up. Drew catches him at Military Press and throws to a table at ringside. McIntyre climbs the ladder, but The Miz appears! Miz slaps his legs and applies a Powerbomb on a table.

The Miz is cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase! Now combat is a triple threat. The Miz climbs the ladder but Omos carries him like a child and throws him towards a table outside. Morrison snaps a chair on Omos’s back, who doesn’t even seem to be in pain.

  • Omos chases John down the ramp. Drew and AJ climb the ladder in search of the title, AJ tries to stop him by hitting his leg, but Drew responds. As the two exchange blows up there, Miz prepares another ladder next door, closer to the championship than the first. Miz arrives but Drew stops his hand. McIntyre deals punches and knocks down both challengers. Styles surprisingly returns to the ladder and knocks Drew down. Miz blocks AJ and almost made it to the title. Drew knocks down both ladders and they both fall. Claymore for Miz. Drew McIntyre climbs the ladder and picks up the title!
  • Winner-Drew Mcintyre
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