Daniel Cormier comments on facing Brock Lesnar in WWE

Special guest referee of Fight Pit match between Seth Rollins & Matt Riddle at WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Daniel Cormier comments on his rumored future match against Brock Lesnar in WWE.


Daniel Cormier was recently interviewed by Mark Raimondi of ESPN MMA where he denied the rumors of him facing the Beast Brock Lesnar in WWE here is what cormier have to say on his possible future match with former UFC champion Lesnar with the transcription courtesy of Wrestling Inc

“No, I’ve not heard anything about that,” Cormier said. “When something like this happens, and this is honestly very good for me because people start to talk; so people start talking, going, ‘Oh my goodness! I remember when him and Brock were in the Octagon.’ It seems to make a lot of sense but as you know, just because something makes sense doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen. So no, there is not talk of me fighting Brock Lesnar.”

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