Cody Rhodes’ opponent for WWE Money in the Bank reportedly revealed

Cody Rhodes’ opponent for WWE Money in the Bank has reportedly been revealed. Rhodes’s last match at a premium live event was at Night of Champions where he faced the beast Brock Lesnar and was defeated.

Now, Rhodes is looking for redemption and a chance to prove himself against Lesnar in a final showdown. But before that, he has another challenge ahead of him at Money in the Bank.

According to insider BWE, Cody Rhodes is set to face Dominik Mysterio of Judgement Day at MITB.

” The setup is for CR v DMysterio at MITB. Two paths are discussed till Brock is back later for final showdown.

1) mixed match

2) temp alliance with whChamp to take out JD” #BWE

There are two possible scenarios for Cody Rhodes until Brock Lesnar returns for their final showdown:

1) Rhodes could engage in a mixed tag team match with his wife Brandi Rhodes against Dominik Mysterio Rhea Ripley.

2) Rhodes could form a temporary alliance with the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to take out Judgement Day,

Which scenario will unfold at Money in the Bank?  Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting feud.