Brian Pillman Jr. reportedly signed with All Elite Wrestling

Brian Pillman Jr. reportedly signed with All Elite

Wrestling OVW has announced that Pillman Jr. is vacating his world championship flattering that his relationship with AEW has increased.

Brian Pillman Jr. would have signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling after the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) company announced that the heavyweight title, owned by Pillman, has been vacated by the wrestler’s contracts with AEW.

The company has stated with this statement that the fighter has vacated his belt. ““ OVW heavyweight champion Brian Pillman Jr will vacate his championship immediately. Due to his growing relationship with AEW, his obligations have grown to a point where he cannot maintain the responsibilities associated with OVW. ”

From the company, they say they are saddened by his departure, but emphasize that “although at OVW we are sad to see him leave, we are also very happy for Brian Pillman Jr for his continued success with AEW and we wish him the best”, leaving a clear message which appears to have signed with the company.

It should be remembered that Pillman Jr. also had a contract with Major League Wrestling (MLW), but his last fight was last November losing against Myron Reed, so it seems that his relationship with them has ended. The wrestler asked, in fact, for the release of his contract.

Brian Pillman Jr. has been wrestling for the past few months on AEW Dark. He debuted at the Battle Royal Casino at the first AEW event, Double or Nothing.

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