Becky Lynch’s latest milestone breaks Roman Reigns’s record

Becky Lynch exceeds 500 days as unbeaten champion in WWE Becky Lynch adds the two reigns of Raw and the ostentation of SmackDown The Man has not lost a title match in WWE since his victory at WrestleMania 35.

Becky Lynch is the current Raw Women’s Champion. Last year, after Money in The Bank, she had to leave the same title vacant due to her pregnancy. Counting on that ostentation, the sum of his reign without losing the Championship amounts to 500 days which even outpaces Roman Reigns’ current never-ending Universal championship run of 460+ days.


This has been confirmed by the wrestler herself on social networks, where she has indicated that she has held the title, within her period of activity, since WrestleMania 35.

“I have been a champion every active day that I have been with WWE since WrestleMania 35. Today Register # Becky500, and that’s great. It won’t be ending anytime soon either, “

In this account, Becky Lynch adds the days of her first reign as Raw women’s champion, a total of 398 from WrestleMania 35 to Money in The Bank 2020, her reign as SmackDown champion since returning at SummerSlam (62 days) and the ostentation of the Raw title (40 days) since she and Charlotte Flair exchanged belts after the WWE Draft.

We do not know to what extent WWE will count this record. Currently, Becky Lynch herself holds the best mark on Raw with 398 consecutive days of reign. On the part of SmackDown, Bayley is the fighter who has held a championship the longest without losing it, with a total of 380 days.

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