AEW Full Gear 2022 MJF defeats Jon Moxley to become new AEW world champion

AEW Full Gear 2022 Results Jon Moxley vs MJF. AEW Full Gear 2022 MJF defeats Jon Moxley to become new AEW world champion .

MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman ) defeats Jon Moxley to become new AEW World Champion at AEW Full Gear 2022 PPV. It’s MJF’ first ever world title win in All Elite Wrestling. William Regal turns on Moxley.

It was the main event of the All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view in Newark, New Jersey.  In front of an audience that was against him, “Mox” started dominant with blows to the face and padlocks that left his rival in trouble.  MJF used some dirty tricks like bites and powder attacks, but his opponent didn’t stop underestimating him.

 A Tombstone on the edge of the ring damaged Maxwell’s knee, allowing the champion to launch a Piledriver onto a table.  Friedman withstood the first Paradigm Shift and was forced to take a Figure Four before reversing it in his favor and damaging his opponent.  MJF managed to move the rope and leave Moxley still in the corner, but he was endangered by a Paradigm Shift from the heights before stopping the count touching the strings.

 A miscalculation by Moxley caused the referee to fall unconscious.  MJF was going to use his ring, but decided to decline to go ahead with a second official who also fell out of the ring.  Friedman surrendered for a lock without a corroborating officer.  To the surprise of those present, William Regal provided his brass fist to Friedman who connected with a right hand to obtain the starting victory for the count of three.

 Thus, Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins the AEW World Championship, his first reign within the company.  Jon Moxley ends a 60-day reign and two successful defenses that he began in his AEW Dynamite Grand Slam title win.  The Blackpool Combat Club man defeated Bryan Danielson on September 21 in New York City to obtain the title that was stripped from CM Punk, thus beginning his third world reign in All Elite Wrestling.