WWE wants Brock Lesnar vs Roman in SummerSlam not Bobby vs Brock

Brock Lesnar is currently in top headlines since he is listed in WWE’s current Roster. Many fans are speculating that John Cena will return at SummerSlam and potentially face Roman Reigns.

Lesnar is certainly an attraction that the company would use for ticket sales. It makes sense for both parties to wait until WWE could have full houses again and, as of next month, they can.

And others are Speculating that WWE wants Brock for fans dream match of Brock Lesnar against Current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

But it doesn’t seems to going on right track because Wrestling observer’s Dave Metlzer said on their recent Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast that WWE is not planning to have Lesnar at SummerSlam as of last week.

Here is what Metzler said ” it was noted that there are forces within WWE that don’t want Lesnar brought back until Roman Reigns – a fellow Paul Heyman client – is ready to feud with him.

So what we can expect there are some changes in Lesnar current return plan.

What would you like to see Roman vs Lesnar or Bobby vs Lesnar at SummerSlam 2021 feel free to comment down?

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