Watch What Happened with Seth Rollins & Damian Priest After Raw Went Off Air

If you are a fan of WWE, you won’t want to miss out on the post-match developments between Seth Rollins and Damian Priest after their intense battle for the World Heavyweight Championship on Monday Night Raw.

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In this article, we’ll uncover the unexpected turn of events that unfolded and delve into the speculation surrounding Damian Priest’s loyalty to Judgment Day, the faction led by Finn Balor.

The Epic Match and Seth Rollins’ Victory:

Damian Priest, a formidable member of Judgment Day, stepped up to Seth Rollins’ open challenge last week, earning himself a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite his determination to bring glory to his faction, Priest fell short in the face of Rollins’ resilience and experience. The Curb Stomp sealed Rollins’ victory and allowed him to retain his coveted title.

A Surprising Display of Respect after Raw went off air

However, the story didn’t end there. Following the match, Seth Rollins took a surprising turn and publicly praised Priest for his outstanding performance after Raw went off air. Seth Rollins acknowledged the importance of the title and extended his hand for a handshake, symbolizing respect and admiration for his adversary.

After some initial hesitation, Damian Priest ultimately decided to embrace the show of sportsmanship. You can watch full clip below.

Speculation Surrounding Damian Priest’s Future:

While the handshake moment left fans in awe, it also ignited speculation about Damian Priest’s future with Judgment Day. Could this act mark the beginning of a face turn for Priest? Is he questioning his alignment with a group known for resorting to violence and intimidation?

Clues of Discontent and Potential Faction Changes:

There have been hints that Damian Priest might not be entirely aligned with Finn Balor’s leadership. During the match against Rollins, Balor attempted to interfere on Priest’s behalf, but Priest insisted on winning the title through his own merit, rejecting any form of cheating.

This decision visibly upset Balor, who watched the remainder of the match from the ramp. Adding fuel to the speculation, sightings of JD McDonagh backstage with Balor have raised questions about a possible replacement for Priest within the faction.

The Future Unveiled: Departure or Reconciliation?

With these intriguing developments, WWE fans eagerly await the answers to their burning questions. Will Damian Priest make a face turn and distance himself from Judgment Day? If so, how will Finn Balor respond to this potential betrayal? The future of Priest’s allegiance and the faction’s dynamics hang in the balance.

Share Your Thoughts:

Now, it’s time for you to weigh in on this unfolding WWE drama. Do you believe Damian Priest will abandon Judgment Day and embrace a face role? Or do you anticipate him remaining loyal to Finn Balor and the faction? Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below.

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