Watch MJF vs Adam Cole Full Segment & Unexpected Tag Team Alliance in AEW Blind Eliminator Tournament

In a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, there was a big showdown between Adam Cole and MJF that got everyone excited. Adam Cole wasn’t happy when he came out to the ring. He talked about how disappointed and frustrated he was with MJF. You can watch the Full Segment Below.

Cole didn’t like the fact that MJF chose to stop fighting when the time limit was up. He called it a “chicken choice” and said it wasn’t how a true champion would act. He reminded everyone that MJF had never beaten him before and claimed that he was the better wrestler.

MJF didn’t stay quiet when Cole accused him. He came out and responded to all the allegations. He was confident and sarcastic, saying that Cole should be grateful to him for bringing out the best in him. MJF believed he would have won if there was more time left.

But his words didn’t go over well with Cole or the crowd. It seemed like MJF was more interested in proving himself superior than actually caring about Cole’s well-being.

Just when it seemed like a rematch between Cole and MJF was inevitable, something surprising happened. Tony Schiavone, the AEW announcer, stepped in and made an unexpected announcement.

He revealed that Cole and MJF were going to be partners in the upcoming Blind Tag Team Tournament. This twist left everyone shocked and created an interesting situation where these fierce rivals had to work together, whether they liked it or not.

Hiroshi Tanahashi appeared ahead of his match against MJF at the Forbidden Door. Cole taunts MJF, suggesting that he was afraid to face Tanahashi because he’s such a formidable opponent. The crowd even chanted that MJF was a coward, which eventually led him to accept the challenge.

Now, with the match set, tensions between Cole and MJF are higher than ever, and fans can’t wait to see how their different styles clash in the ring.