Vince McMahon to be Present in Los Angeles for WrestleMania 39

As WrestleMania 39 approaches, the excitement among WWE fans is palpable. Despite previous sexual allegations and board of director controversies, Vince McMahon will make a  backstage appearance at WrestleMania 39. Get the latest on this controversial move.

Vince McMahon, former chairman of WWE, will be present backstage at SoFi Stadium, the venue for the year’s biggest event. For the first time in the history of WrestleMania, Vince McMahon will not be overseeing the Gorilla Position, which will be handled by the team led by Triple H.

However, McMahon’s return to the leadership of WWE’s board of directors earlier this year has led to speculation about his role in the company’s creative department.

While the workers and fans were unsure about the nature of McMahon’s involvement, the PWInsiderElite has confirmed that he has been invited to Los Angeles by WWE to attend WrestleMania-related celebrations. During his visit, he will be present backstage at both SoFi Stadium and Arena.

It remains to be seen whether McMahon will make an appearance on camera at The Showcase of Immortals, but for now, he is just another guest behind the scenes.

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McMahon had previously made a guest appearance on Monday Night RAW in March, where he was seen with John Cena. While he chose to remain in the background and not interfere with the creative process, his presence alone had generated considerable buzz.

As we count down the days to WrestleMania 39, it remains to be seen what role Vince McMahon will play in the company’s future. But for now, his presence at the event is sure to make it even more memorable.

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