USA Network or Fox interested in Top AEW superstar MJF

WWE partners take an interest in MJF An executive of an alleged television network has revealed his admiration for the AEW fighter MJF terminates contract with All Elite Wrestling in 2024.

MJF has become such an important character to All Elite Wrestling that the competition is beginning to notice him. Andrew Zarian of Wrestling Observer has indicated in the last hours that several managers of WWE partners on television have been interested in what the wrestler transmits on television.

One of them in particular mentioned having stopped what he was doing to focus on one of his last promos, possibly some of the last weeks with CM Punk. Apparently, he would not be the only one.

“A person from one of those networks, who has been a very reliable source, told me, ‘I really stopped what I was doing and listened to him. I don’t think I’ve done that with professional wrestling in a long time,'” Zarian said. . “He has everything we would want. It really depends on whether he can be that same person on WWE TV. We want the new stars to be the center of attention for years to come. That’s the plan,” revealed the source.

Zarian has not specified who is the person behind these statements, but it is very likely that it is an official of the USA Network or FOX. MJF made his professional wrestling debut in 2015 and has been involved in the AEW project from the beginning. His contract with Tony Khan’s company ends in 2024 and it will be interesting to see what happens then.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for the Wrestling Observer, recently pointed out that WWE would not be willing to spend a lot of money to take over MJF’s services in the future. However, in case one of the WWE partner networks is very interested, that mentality is likely to change over time. MJF has always toyed with the possibility of exiting All Elite Wrestling within his character, although some people have ensured that he never wants to close that door.