Team Aj Styles Defeated Team Drew Mcintyre in a handicap match raw 7th December 2020

Raw results live 7th December 2020

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison
Sheamus and Drew take control of John at the start of the match. John responds with a couple of punches but Sheamus knocks him down twice later. The action moves to ringside, where Miz stalks Sheamus. Drew approaches from behind and when Sheamus tries to hit Miz, he almost hits Drew. Friends argue a little when Morrison jumps on them. They catch him and throw him at the commentary table. After the break, Sheamus attacks Miz in the ring with a Diving Knee from above, but it’s not enough. Double Suplex to Miz, who fails to escape. Drew scoffs but Miz takes the opportunity to connect a Jawbreaker and take it to his corner. Quick relays between Miz, Morrison, and AJ to keep the WWE Champion under control. McIntyre escapes furiously and reaches his partner. Sheamus applies his classic punches to his chest and a Rolling Senton on Miz. Piquete in Sheamus’s eyes, John takes advantage of the referee’s distraction and kicks the Irishman. Morrison attacks and won’t let Sheamus stand up. AJ enters and applies the Calf Crusher over Sheamus until Drew releases him. Sheamus escapes an attempt by Styles Clash and applies White Noise. Relays for both sides, Drew lashes out at Morrison. Drew hands Out Suplexes to John and Miz, completely dominating the ring. Sheamus and AJ enter, Sheamus charges against all opponents but mistakenly connects a Brogue Kick to Drew. Styles takes the opportunity to finish off with the Phenomenal Forearm and take the win.
Won: AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison.

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