Roman Reigns says I’m not scripted, since I’ve come back on SummerSlam

Roman Reigns says I’m not scripted, since I’ve come back since SummerSlam

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently commented on WWE removing his missionary line about John Cena on YouTube while Speaking on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.

Roman Reigns is taking shots on John Cena back to back as we reported yesterday that he said to sell tickets of his movies earlier today Roman talked about his missionary line.

Here is what Roman Reigns said today H/T and transcribed by Fightful

There’s a portion of my career where I would either read a script or adjust a script as much as possible. For a while now, especially since I’ve come back since SummerSlam, I’m not scripted. I say what I want to and say what I feel. If it comes out of my mouth, it’s my verbiage, I come up with it and deliver it. I don’t know why they edited it out. I think it raised some eyebrows. I don’t get in trouble. The gimmick is as close to being real as possible. Even if they tried to say something to me, I wouldn’t have cared anyway. What are you gonna do? Not have me on SmackDown next week? Like I did before SummerSlam last year, I’ll go home. It doesn’t matter to me. Let’s see how they do without me.”

Roman Reigns vs John match is scheduled at WWE SumerSlam 2021 on 21st August 2021 tomorrow night on SmackDown both will appear .