Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for WWE Undisputed Universal Championship Royal Rumble 2023

Catch the epic battle between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble 2023 for the WWE Undisputed Universal championship. Don’t miss out on the action-packed match as they are once again ready to go head-to-head in this highly anticipated showdown.

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Roman Reigns defeats Kevin Owens to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at Royal Rumble 2023. It was also the final chapter of Sami Zayn’ Trial court. After the match, when Reigns tried to attack Kevin Owens with a steel chair Sami stopped Roman.

Roman Reigns gave the steel chair to Sami Zayn & ordered them to attack Owens but Zayn turns on his Tribal Chief & attacked Roman’s back with ch. Jimmy & Solo takes on Zayn & The Universal champion brutally attacked Sami Zayn but Jey Uso leaves the ring without attacking Sami. You can check the video footage below. Watch Full Video Sami Zayn’s trial court on Raw XXX

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens announced for the WWE Undisputed Universal championship at Royal Rumble 2023.

What happened during this week’s SmackDown opening segment

The Tribal Chief kicked off the first show of 2023 of Blue Brand. Reigns tell Heyman that first, he wants to hear from Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn says “My tribal chief, you saw how we started Raw and tonight and how we are going to start every event because all events belong to the Bloodline. Sami continues to Roman & says, on Raw, the entire Bloodline won their respective matches.

Roman said “I don’t care what happens this year, I care what happened last year, Sami and I fought against Cena and KO and what do you think happened? Some say we lost, and that’s something I don’t understand Because The Tribal chief never Loses, that is not in t their DNA. I didn’t lose, SAMI LOST, my shoulders were not on THE CANVAS, IT WAS SAMI’S”

Roman was annoyed that Sami is Guaranteed that they would both beat Cena and KO only Roman can guarantee something and he tells Sami if he thinks that he is the tribal chief. Sami, Do you want to be the tribal chief? Do you want to be me? Do you want to represent the bloodline ?”

Kevin Owens interrupts & says “Before things go too far, Roman you need to calm down because what happened is that you have anger towards the wrong person. Last time I found out, I was the culprit, but now your problem is not with Sami, your problem is with me.

Kevin Owens wants a match against Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE universal championship at  Rumble Royal.

“Roman, I’ll see you at the Rumble, and Sami, I’ll see you when you pick up your testicles from Roman’s pockets”

After a few minutes, it was officially announced that Reigns & KO will fight for the unified title at Royal Rumble. You can watch the Full match of Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship match at  Royal Rumble 2017 below

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