Ric flair reacted on randy orton’s attacked on him

Hello & Welcome to latest wwe update on randy orton’s attack on 16 time wwe champion &hall of famer Ric Flair.

The former wwe champion reacted on twitter on randy orton’s attacked on him at wwe raw’s episode on 10th august 2020.As we saw that the viper randy orton attacked on nature boy ric flair with a low blow & punt kick after defeated to former champion kevin owens with RKo.

wwe flair 3 Ric flair reacted on randy orton's attacked on him

because randy orton blamed ric flair for announcing a match with ko.Then the viper become angry and also blamed ric flair for his health issue when he is in the team evolution.Ric flair try to huge the viper twice to short out the things.

As usual viper huged nature boy to show off that he is apologizing and then turned into a heel 7 low blow to former champion.

Ric flair reacted and said-i wanted last night to go differently.what i would i have said is i don’t know what would have happened if my son was in this business. but i do know what charlotte has done .and like you randy she is much better then i ever was just like you have surpassed your father that’s it.

Randy Orton Ric Flair 696x391 1 Ric flair reacted on randy orton's attacked on him
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