Renee Paquette had to accept an extensive non-competition clause with WWE

Dean Ambrose decided to leave WWE after Dean’s contract expired. Over a year ago, Renee Paquette( aka Renee young) decided to leave WWE. In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, the former WWE commentator and presenter mentioned that her non-competition clause with the company has not yet expired, but it would be about to. Renee also admitted that she has a good working relationship with WWE.

The reason why Renee Young still has a clause with WWE Renee Paquette would have a different contract than other workers in WWE and would have had to accept an extensive non-competition clause The former WWE commentator would have spent a year without being able to appear in other companies and without receiving her salary in the McMahon company.

The journalist specializing in professional wrestling, Dave Meltzer, reported in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paquette has an employment contract with WWE where it is assumed that she could leave the company as long as she notified two weeks in advance. However, this contract had a catch. Since he left on his own, he was unable to work for any rival company for a year. Additionally, when WWE main cast talents leave the company, a 90-day non-competition clause is applied and paid during that time. Renee’s situation was quite different as she has not been paid any salary for this entire year.

Paquette spoke in the interview about the fact that he would not like to part ways with the world of professional wrestling. He admitted that he loves this industry and further added that it is where most of his followers come from. As for AEW, Paquette stated that there are endless job opportunities that should not be related to Tony Khan’s company.

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