Jim Ross defends that Randy Orton is the best fighter in the world- wrestling unseen

Jim Ross defends that Randy Orton is the best fighter in the world Ross advocates his previous work as a talent recruiter to defend his position.

Chris Jericho’s words stating that Kenny Omega is the best fighter in the world have caused an earthquake of opinions among wrestling personalities and fans on social networks.


One of them was the AEW commentator, and former WWE, Jim Ross, who defended on his podcast that, according to his criteria, Randy Orton was the best fighter. His words caused a barrage of criticism on his social networks, more after Kenny Omega responded to Jericho’s comment assuring that Ross referred to him as the WWE champion.

The commentator himself has wanted to clarify his position in a new episode of his podcast, Grilling Jr.We have a little controversy about when I said that Randy Orton was the best fighter in the world. People forget that I recruited these guys.

I’ve had a business association and a good relationship with a guy like Randy Orton from day one. Barry Switzer, wrestling coach, told me that once you recruit these children, it is for life, and I take this phrase very seriously ”, has begun. Criticism from many fans claimed that they tarnished Omega’s honor, but Jim Ross has denied that he wanted to do so.

“I don’t know what the criteria are for these things. Anyone who can debate me and tell me that Randy Orton is not one of the best in the world will have a hard time defending him. Anyone can debate me and say that Kenny is too, and I would agree because Kenny Omega is the AEW champion, he is an incredible fighter and there is no question about it. But heck, people are very sensitive right now, but that’s the tone and tenor of social media.

Jim Ross has questioned having these kinds of debates. I really don’t understand what is the reason to get angry about this subject that is so subjective. There is no right or wrong answer. What is the criterion to follow? Why is it the best in the world? Based on what is said to be the best?