Edge Drops A Bombshell: His Final WWE Match Is This Friday Against Sheamus 

The Rated R Superstar Edge has announced that his final match on his current WWE deal will be THIS Friday on SmackDown against Sheamus in Toronto. This will be a special night for Edge, as it is his hometown and his 25th anniversary of his WWE career.

Edge made his WWE return at Royal Rumble 2020, after being forced to retire 12 years ago due to a neck injury. He won the royal rumble match in 2021, but failed to win a world title in his second WWE run.

While speaking with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante, Edge revealed that he has no idea what his future holds after Friday night. 

“This is the honest truth, and it may not be what everyone wants to hear. I really have no idea. I truly truly, with 100% honesty can say I don’t know. That’s weird for me, but I don’t. I don’t. I’ve thought about it a little, but not much. This is the last match on my current contract. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I probably won’t know until I get to the locker room that night and relax, let go of all the anxiety and pressure that I never used to feel before I performed, I feel now.

That’s weird for me and makes it that much harder to do this. I’m going to be 50 in October. It’s not easy anymore. Before, what I used to do effortlessly, now, there is a process and a consequence. There’s a lot. It’s the dream job, but it’s getting really hard.” H/T Fightful

What do you think? Is this really the last match of his WWE career? Or will the Canadian superstar re-sign a new deal with WWE or go to a rival company AEW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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