WWE Super SmackDown Preview Roman Reigns vs John Cena, Brock Lesnar & Undertaker return

WWE Super SmackDown will be held at Madison Square Garden this week, for this show, WWE has endorsed many legendary superstars, including Brock Lesnar and John Cena, in addition to some media reports that the Phenomenal Undertaker will also available for this show. hong. John Cena and Roman Reigns will face off in SmackDown Supershow.


Let’s talk in details, there will be  SmackDown SuperShow on 10th September 2021. We will see Brock Lesnar very first time after his shocking SummerSlam return. Now it will be interesting to see whether he will confront Roman Reigns or not as WWE may not want to match Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar in the upcoming PPV Extreme Rules, so we can assume that In Super SmackDown, Brock Lesnar can attack The Usos to provoke Roman Reigns and from here the feud between them will start, which can result as Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel 2021. Roman may face Damon Finn Balor at Extreme Rules.


Apart from this, if we talk about John Cena, he has not appeared in WWE after losing to Roman Reigns at Summer Slam, he and Mysterios were scheduled to have a dark tag team match against The Bloodlines on Super SmackDown, but according to recent reports from PW Insider Now that’s changed, John Cena will team up with the Street Profits to face Roman Reigns and The Usos in a dark match on SmackDown.

In Super SmackDown, there will be a Summer Slam rematch between Seth Rollins and Edge , last week on SmackDown, Seth Rollins attacked Cesaro in a similar way to Edge, then Edge came to save Cesaro, after the show Seth Rollins vs Edge match announced for Super SmackDown probably last time.

The contract sign of the Extreme Rules match between Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch for WWE Super SmackDown has been announced in which we can see the interference of Sasha Banks, it is worth mentioning that the SmackDown women’s championship match was booked between Sasha Banks and Bianca at Summer Slam 2021. The match was about to take place for the title, but shortly before the match, Sasha Banks was out due to injury, when Becky Lynch made a shocking comeback to beat Bianca in just 26 seconds to win the SmackDown Women’s title. Now Becky Lynch will defend her title against Bianca Bealir in a SummerSlam rematch.


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