Watch Video: Jeff Hardy returns to AEW Dynamite April 12, 2023

Watch Jeff Hardy returns to AEW Dynamite. Wrestling fans were in for a treat during the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, as veteran wrestler Jeff Hardy made his much-awaited return to All Elite Wrestling after a hiatus of over ten months.

Jeff Hardy’s return was marked by a dramatic confrontation, with Ethan Page demanding an explanation from Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy for their betrayal in favor of Hook the previous week. Matt Hardy announced that he was tired of being associated with The Firm and had secretly inserted a clause in his contract that would allow him to break away from the group.

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As the argument escalated, Big Bill and Lee Moriarty stormed into the ring to attack Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy. Even Hook couldn’t even the odds, but just as it seemed that the duo was about to be overwhelmed, Jeff Hardy appeared with a chair in hand and launched an ambush. In a stunning move, Ethan Page was subjected to a Swanton Bomb, after which Jeff Hardy hugged his brother and teammates in the center of the ring.

Jeff Hardy’s return to AEW is all the more remarkable given the fact that he was suspended from the company ten months ago after being arrested for DUI. The incident highlighted Hardy’s long-standing problems with drugs and alcohol, and he immediately entered into a rehabilitation program to address these issues. His legal case was only resolved in February 2023, when he was given a 24-month probationary period and a ten-year suspension of his driving license.

For fans of the charismatic enigma, Jeff Hardy’s return to AEW is nothing short of a triumph. Despite his struggles, the wrestler has always managed to bounce back and deliver his signature high-flying moves with breathtaking precision. With his return, AEW fans can look forward to more thrilling matches and unforgettable moments in the months to come.